Final Summary

Final Summary/ Reflection.

Now we reach the final hurdle. Credit: Magnify marketing

These sessions have been very interesting and I feel like I look at the world differently since completing this module I have a greater understanding of many things I thought I knew before e.g. conservation career options, CV writing and my abilities to write a blog but this module proved to surprise me time after time.

I feel that the lecturers have helped me tremendously and I know it seems silly to say but I would like each of them to know they have had an impact on my future career choices and I’m grateful for this.

Bangor University Main Arts Building. Credit: Myself

The careers cafe opened up a world of opportunity to me outside of the comfort zone limits I put on my degree, I now know that it can open many doors.

The assessment centre showed me that I lack confidence and I need to have a bit of practice with interview skills.

Dragons den allowed me to be a part of a team, we all really felt like we had achieved something that day, it may just be a plan that will never happen but it shows we can do it!

CV writing has reminded me that I need to keep growing and adding to my experiences so that’s what I plan to do, I want a CV I can be proud of.

The business plan workshop and assignment have helped to encourage me to pursue something I’ve always wondered about. I hope to keep working on my idea until it’s ready to present to some real dragons!

  • Did the seminars help you decide for or against a career in research?

The seminars encouraged me to look at research as a potential future career option however I’d still like to have a business along side it.

  • Did they help you come up with an enterprise idea?

Yes, I feel my business plan idea was one of the best I have come up with and that wouldn’t have been possible without this module.

  • Did you gain new contacts? How?

Yes, I gained new contacts in the form of other students. I’m not really someone who has the confidence to walk up to the guest speaker or lecturer to ask questions and keep in touch.

I did however talk to a lot of people who I had seen around in my lectures but never got the chance to talk to before so that was a great experience.

  • Did you understand how to write a better CV, use social media to network etc?

The CV workshop helped me a lot, I found out I was doing a lot of little things wrong which ultimately could be costing me job opportunities.

I had never wrote a blog before this one so I feel it was a beneficial experience, however as a 21-year-old in 2017 I am all ready able to use many forms of social media and have several group chats with others on my course.

  • How did the individual components of the module help you plan your career?

The individual components helped me by allowing me to put into practice what I had learned in the group activities without the fear of being put down or not being heard by the rest of the group, I was able to develop my ideas without worrying about them sounding stupid.

It has benefited my career development as it has shown me my own potential and limitations so I know what I can and cannot handle.

So now the end is near and so I face my final blog post! I faced it all and stood up tall and did it my way!

Pros and cons

2thumbsupbWhat did I like?

I enjoyed the enthusiasm of the lecturers, the quantity and quality of the guests and having marks spread out over several assessments was helpful.

A wide variety of topics from guest speakers and multiple assessment methods kept things interesting.

What didn’t I like?

I didn’t like being graded on the Interviews prior to any practise as some people has very limited experience in those situations so it is unfair to throw them in at the deep end when others have years of experience.

Future plans?

I would like to work further on my business skills and hopefully develop them so I can start a business, I would also still like to work in the area of animal and ecosystem conservation.