Workshop Two- Careers cafe

Today’s workshop was the careers cafe. It was a series of talks given by Bangor university Alumni.

Careers cafe, coffee, guest speakers and inspiration. Credit: Richard Stay

There were four guests who spoke to us about their careers: Bethan Wynne Jones, Dawn Thomas, Graham French and Jon Cannon.

They each work in a different area and we were able to gain so much knowledge about a variety of subjects due to this. Each guest spoke in turn and explained what they did and how they got there, this was extremely encouraging and insightful for the students that attended.

Bethan Wynne Jones

Bethan studied Zoology and graduated in 2014 with a masters, she then had a few temporary jobs before attaining her current position.

She now works for the National Trust at Snowdonia, her main roles are event planning and volunteer projects as well as general management of the woodland areas.

Dawn Thomas

Dawn was originally a nurse but changed her career path, graduating in 2010 as a mature student. Dawn had a lot of volunteering experience and this lead to her making great connections with the North Wales Wildlife Trust where she is now a Living Sea Awareness Officer.

Graham French

Graham started his career teaching at an outdoor education centre but he decided to return to university to get a PGCE this allowed him to go into teaching. Teaching not only opened up the mind of the children but also the world for Graham, he was able to travel the global to places such as; Canada, Austrailia and South Africa teaching science to children.

Jon Cannon

Jon graduated from Bangor in 1988, his dissertation was based on crocodiles that were transported to the menai to study!

He previously worked for National Resources Wales and now he is the process science manager for Welsh Water. Welsh water are known for hiring science graduate which is promising for the room full of students listening to these talks.

opportunity ahead
Stay positive! Credit: Peel Halton


  • Volunteer to enhance CV
  • The more experience the better before applying
  • Create contacts
My opinions

I feel that the careers cafe was a real eye opener, I previously had no idea that variety of things I could do with my degree!

I’m glad there were so many different speakers and that they were all walking different career paths, this has given me a lot to think about.

Has this affected my future plans?

Yes, I will now look into a wider variety of job areas and not just straight zoology based work.

I will also aim to get more volunteering experience on my CV.


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