Workshop Four- CV writing

This workshop/lecture was to help us write a great CV to get us noticed by employers and to remind us all of the importance of a good CV.

This is the chance to sell yourself, ensure the information provided is correct as false information on a CV isn’t going to help you or the employer. Everyone has their unique selling point just own it.

How to write a good CV

A CV is the first piece of communication an employer is likely to have from you so it’s important to make a good first impression!

first impressionThis workshop is also to help us in our first assignment we were tasked with choosing a graduate level job and then applying for it with a CV tailored to it and cover letter but what did this actually entail?


I have only ever had one successful experience with my CV- when I was 14 I applied to be a volunteer at a local dog groomers and got the job, she even asked if I had help from my parents writing it!

I was pretty impressed with this and haven’t really changed my CV much since then… I’m now 21 and what was impressive for a 14 year old’s CV is NOT impressive for a 21 year old graduate’s CV!

So I was very much looking forward to this workshop to get some tips to give my CV a much needed tidy up!

  • Tailor your CV
  • Keep it concise
  • Don’t include photos
  • Up to date contact details
  • Cover letters are the first thing they read- MAKE IT COUNT!
  • Professional email address
  • Simple layout
  • Get a friend to proof read it

cover letterDon’t neglect your cover letter.

Your cover letter is a summary of everything you have to offer, give examples of why you fit the job description.

Make them want to read your CV!

10 tips to write the best cover letter
My opinions

This workshop has helped to remind me of what I need to include in my CV and exclude.

I had forgotten the importance of keeping your CV up to date and I found this workshop very beneficial.

Has this affected my future plans?

Yes, this definitely has! I need to do more work on my CV, I hope that by doing this I will be able to land my dream job- you could be the best person for a job but they’ll never know if your CV isn’t at the right standard.


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