Workshop One- Assessment centre

This workshop follow straight on from the Career’s cafe- it was great to get the chance to have a mock interview right after being inspired by the speakers at the career’s cafe!

First of all we got split into groups of 4, we took it in turns to play the interview panel and the interviewee.

How do you stand out in a crowd of outstanding people? Credit: Red WigWam

At first it was quite intimidating, I didn’t know the people in my group and they all seemed very confident with comments like “This is going to be easy” and “I’ve done this so many times”.

As someone with minimal experience of interviews I hoped taking this module would help to boost my confidence.

We were given secret sets of questions to ask the interviewee, a few examples of questions are:

  • Why did you choose your dissertation?
  • What is your greatest achievement?
  • Talk about your experience

After we answered the questions we were sent out of the room and the rest of the group “the interviewers” would mark you on your performance- this was based on what you sad, how you said it, interaction with the interviewers and body language.

Video: How to ace your interview! Credit: Aaron Marino

As I said before, the rest of my group were extremely good at explaining themselves and keeping their cool under pressure, but me… not so much. I some how managed to ramble on and say nothing at the same time!

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Beblin test

The second part of the workshop was the Beblin test/self perception inventory.

We were given three worksheets to assist us with this.

The first had seven sections, Each section had a question e.g. What I believe I contribute to a team” and then a set of answers ordered with letters a-h, we were asked to put ten point by the letters we felt answered the question for us.

After filling out each section we tallied up the points in a table to see what letter we had the most of for each question and input this into another table which told us what team role is best suited to us.

team roles

The third sheet explained each role, I got the role Team worker which after reading the description seems to fit me well.

My opinion

I feel the interview were beneficial however I feel we should have had mock-mock interviews to prepare us as some people had an unfair advantage and this was a graded assessment.

I feel the belbins test is quite accurate for me at least. However I believe it could be easily shaped by the interviewee to give a certain answer so it’s not going to be accurate without honesty.

Has this affected my future career plans?

This has affected my future plans as I now know the areas that need improvement and I will in future do a few practices before a real interview!


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